MC Lab

MC LAB is the internal MC design department involved in art direction and coordination of all design and prototyping phases before our projects enter the final production phase. No piece of furniture can be branded with the MC logo neither receive the “custom made” specification without the MC Lab approval. MC LAB daily cooperates with our craftsmen, distributors and architects team in carrying on custom creations focused on luxury projects mainly divided into hotellerie, residential and private areas.

Maurizio Di Mauro

Maurizio Di Mauro, after graduating in Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, began his career, dividing the work between architectural design and interior design, with increasingly frequent interventions in industrial design. Since 1998 his studio’s work began to include architectural projects and industrial design, ranging from furniture to lighting, from catalogues to packaging, to the complete management of the artistic direction of some Italian companies. His successes in fashion include collaborations with Italian brands such as Pinko and Guru, plus numerous multi-brands all over the world.


STUDIOFORMA is a premium architectural company specialized in high-end residential and commercial solutions design. Its mission is to combine luxury and state of the art using a discreet and functional path able to express a pure, simple, elegant lifestyle. STUDIOFORMA has been named “Best in Europe 2015/16” in the Interior Design Apartment category at the final of the International Property Awards Summit held in London in December 2015 – an award won with the project “Apartment Makeover, Lake Zurich”. In 2015, STUDIOFORMA launched DesignLab, the company’s creative agency: with the goal of creating timeless elegance based on formal coherence, plus a sober and contemporary style.

Cesare Arosio

Cesare Arosio’s artistic education has taken place within the walls of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture, then continually enriching through work experiences in New York and Abu Dhabi. It’s the international training that pushed him to combine the design tradition of his family and his territory with a working perspective oriented to the most innovative scenarios. Today he’s dicated to architectural design with particular attention to product design and interior design, collaborating with Italian and international companies.

Matteo Stucchi

Matteo Stucchi – born in 1992 – begins his career after graduating in Industrial Design creating a collection of ceramic vases. His design is recognizable through an unmistakable sign of balance between rigour and imagination: authenticity is the true mission of his work, which he wants to reach both by creating products with an individual character and by seeking a new way of approaching industry. From the design point of view, he feels very close to a futuristic and emotional mood, where Bruno Munari’s imprint in the analitycal method is very strong.