About us

Our beginnings

MC Meroni & Colzani brand results from the fusion of two historical artisan realities, performing their business in Brianza for over 50 years: Meroni have been producing furniture and complements for three generations, Colzani upholstered furniture and textile accessories for the same generations.

The two family-run companies have common course, based on tradition and sartorial quality and common standards, focused on research and innovation.

MADE in ITALY is a key concept: all products and tailor-made projects designed by MC Meroni & Colzani have been manufactured by 100% Italian craftsmen, who can shape and treat fine materials, like wood, leather and value fabrics, and can use latest technology to grant amazing processing

Our philosophy

Our aim is to impress, to innovate and to drive away the time with shapes that follow past styles, but reinterpreted by using new materials and finish.

MC Meroni & Colzani was born with this attitude and with a single purpose: we provide our Italian and worldwide customer  a sense of familiarity and exclusivity driven by an extremely attention to details and to all the features that create a sartorial product.

The flagshipstore in downtown Milan is the place where you can “touch” the elegant and sophisticate atmosphere of our design, the place where you can explore our attitude to create your own furniture.

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